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Arsenal is not good enough

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes that the current Arsenal team is not good enough to challenge for the title.

He said that the team had a fantastic opportunity to cut Chelsea’s lead on Saturday and they only managed to come out of the game with a defeat.

He believes that the team lacks the character and the determination to win the title. Thierry Henry said that if he were a player in the Arsenal team he would have given his best in order to win the game, but unfortunately this does not happen on Saturday.

He said that some players were happy just not to lose the game and that they did not put any pressure on the Chelsea team. Thierry Henry said that the Arsenal players made lives easy for the Chelsea players and they did not place them under any kind of pressure.

Henry believes that Wenger will have major decisions to make during the summer. Either he will have to let another manager try to build a team with the current players, or he will have to change the team and system altogether. He believes that there is no way that this team can win the Premier League title.

The former Arsenal player feels that there is a lack of leadership within the team at the moment and this is what is causing this poor performance. He said that during his time in London they had some big personalities such as Viera, Pires, and Bergkamp in the team and this allowed them to take control of big games.

He said that it is unfortunate that there is no similar player in the team at the moment and this is what is hindering the team progress. He said that the players should regroup and make sure they get a good result against Bayern Munich.