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Arsenal players not taking responsibilities

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes that the current problems at Arsenal are due to the fact that the players are not taking responsibilities on the pitch.

He said that it is very easy to blame the manager for the performance of the team, but the truth is that some players are not worthy to play for the Gunners.

He said that you cannot enter on the football pitch and not show any sign of determination and aggressiveness on the pitch. More often than not it is the opposing team that has shown signs of appetite and desire to win the game.

He believes that the players are hiding behind Arsene Wenger and it is the manager that is taking all the abuse from the fans. He said that if the players find it difficult to play for a big team as Arsenal they should go and ask for a transfer.

hierry Henry said that Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers that he has worked with and he does not believe that he has suddenly lost all his experience and skills. He believes that he is protecting these players too much and this is why they are performing as such.

Indeed Arsenal has been playing poorly during the past months, and this has left them with chances of missing out on the Champions League places for the first time in 18 seasons. Their last defeat came against Crystal Palace where they were well beaten by 3-0.

Henry said that Crystal Palace should more signs of wanting to win the game and that they fought for every ball unline some Arsenal players who were guilty of ball watching. He said that you cannot play in the Premier League with this attitude and expect to win games.