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During New York Red Bulls and their match against Chivas USA, both sides had to settle with a 1-1 draw but the result came at a hefty price for the team of Mike Petke as they had to witness Tim Cahill being removed from the pitch only after 29 minutes had passed due to an injury the Australian player sustained.

When medical tests and scans were completed, it was revealed that Cahill suffered a hamstring problem which will be leaving him out of action for at least 2 weeks as it will not be anything too serious.

The head coach of New York Red Bulls, Mike Petke announced the details concerning Tim Cahill and his recent injury.
“He is out for this weekend it is a mild hamstring strain. I hope to have him back in two weeks but for now he is out for the next match for sure. The conversations I have had with our medical department are that it's not a tear, it is definitely a strain’’.

“The thing with Tim is that someone says he will be out for two weeks, and he will come back in a week and a half. At the moment they are saying best-case scenario is two weeks.” Petke said.

It was initially feared that the injury would leave Cahill out of action for the upcoming World Cup but after the medical revealed the results; his injury was not as bad as believed and with only a few weeks out of action, he will still have enough time to recover and represent his country.

Tim Cahill is one of the most important performers for Australia and this can be evidenced by the fact that the 34 years old player is the all-time top goal-scorer for the Australian national football team.