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Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has started the season in the best possible manner. He was effective for Arsenal last season on several occasions, but he was never really considered in the same league as Robin van Persie.

He scored a few goals, but not a lot to help Arsenal win the title. However, this season has been very different because Giroud has been able to get himself to the top of the goalscoring charts after four games. This has also helped Arsenal get past their troubles when it comes to the start of the season.

They are very close to the top of the table and even now it is still early days, there has been a lot of positive mood around the Emirates stadium in recent weeks. The French striker, who thinks he has fully settled at Arsenal, says that he wants to be considered the same league as Robin van Persie or Thierry Henry. The latter is regarded as one of the best players in the Premier league of all time, while he holds the record for the most number of goals scored for Arsenal. He is currently playing with MLS club New York Red Bull.

Giroud thinks that the best is yet to come because of the arrival of Ozil.

"Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie didn't become the players they are within one season. I've reached a very high level at 25 years old. Take Van Persie. He really exploded two, three years ago at Arsenal. With regards to Thierry Henry, I scored as many goals as him during my first season. I like the idea of establishing myself as striker number one at Arsenal, and that later on people say 'at Arsenal there was Henry, Van Persie and Giroud'," said the striker in a recent interview.