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Henry Future Is Unknown

The future of Thierry Henry remains unknown as the Frenchman played a huge role in the MLS All-Star Match against the German titans Bayern Munich and even though Henry could not score a goal, his presence was still felt not only by his teammates but by the supporters that arrived to Providence Park in Oregon on August 7 to watch the match that had plenty of worldwide recognized players performing in the pitch.
Thierry Henry was featured since the opening minute of the match where he went on to become one of the most active players for his team and almost managed to find the back of the net at the 41st minute with a stunning effort. The Frenchman was eventually substituted out of the match at the 47th minute and the former star of Arsenal received a standing ovation from the fans around the stadium.
Throughout the entire game, Henry was being cheered on by fans and even though he failed to make his mark on the score-sheet he still turned out to be one of the stars of the entire match.
Following the conclusion of the match Henry went on saying: “It’s great, you know. The reception was great, and when I came out I didn’t expect that, but it really was amazing. Like I said, Bayern Munich isn’t always easy,” he said. “They pressure really high, and at times it isn’t easy to bring it out. But we were kind of patient, and around 30 minutes into the game we started to do some build up and passing the ball on the ground. That was the plan, that was what head coach Caleb Porter wanted us to do and that’s what we tried to do and at times it wasn’t easy. Like I said, it worked out today.”
Thierry Henry will be 37 years old on August 17 and even at his age, the Frenchman has proved that he can still make an impact with his team but it’s still unclear if he will continue playing with the New York Red Bulls for another season or decide to hang up his boots and retire. Rumors are being spread around stating that this match might have been his last one and this is why fans around the stadium decided to cheer him on and give him a standing ovation for almost every single thing he did in the match.