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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and other superstars of football such as Robert Pires and Hernan Crespo are being the target of playing in a new Indian tournament which is aimed at cashing in on growing domestic interest in the sport as the organizers explained.

"The Indian youth follows a lot of European football. So we definitely want to bring in their expertise, experience and fan following," the spokesman told AFP.

Yorke, Saha, Ljungberg, Pires and Crespo had been confirmed to play, the spokesman said, adding that Henry "could be a potential".

He finished off the season with the New York Red Bulls by scoring a stunning goal against Chicago Fire as they won with a resounding 5-2 victory. The French striker also played in the last 2 matches of the season but did not manage to play any significant part for the team in either of the matches.

At his 36 years of age, Henry is reaching the end of his playing career although it is expected that he continues with NY Red Bulls for at least another season. He still continues to produce his unique magic which has helped the American club in obtaining the Supporters Shield in this season.

Bradley Wright-Phillips is a fine striker but does not seem to be the ideal teammate for the former Arsenal player as he is not the type of player to score goals on a consistent basis.

Fabian Espinola is going through the same fashion as he played an unpredictable season with great highs and lows and more inconsistency than anything else.

Henry needs a partner who can produce some of his own magic as well if they want to secure more silverware before the Frenchman announces his retirement.