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Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has criticised the ambitions of his former club by saying that they should be looking at winning the title. Arsenal lost won the league title back in 2004, while their last major trophy was in 2005.

This trophy drought has also meant that top players do not want to play for Arsenal anymore, while manager Arsene Wenger has found it extremely difficult to keep the existing top players at the club. Henry, who was part of the Arsenal's title winning team in 2004, has said that they should be looking to win the title and not merely looking at a top four place at the end of the season.

Wenger has recently been stressing the importance of finishing in the top four over winning trophies like the League Cup. However, the 34-year-old striker reckons that it is time Arsenal started taking winning trophies more seriously. Arsenal players were recently in celebrating like they had won the title after having just finished fourth in the league. Henry has criticised this attitude by saying that the team lacks winners. During his time at the club, Henry managed to lift two league titles and three FA Cups with Arsenal. He left for Barcelona as a legend.

“Putting Tottenham out of the top four, and I really do hope that’s what they were celebrating about, that’s the only thing you can celebrate. If you’re an Arsenal man through and through, that’s like winning something. I said it when we did to them in 2006. It wasn’t the fact that we qualified for the Champions League, it was because we kicked them out of it and we went in. It’s very difficult to see Arsenal playing, one day, without Arsene on the bench. It’s going to be weird,” said Henry.