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Diogo Kotscho, one of the spokesmen of Orlando City SC, has hit back at the previous Selecao manager Dunga who had blamed the soft training regime of the MLS sides for the fragility of their players.

Dunga picked Kaka, who is an MLS player, twice for Selecao duty, but, both times the veteran broke down within a couple of days in his camp and Dunga said the reason was that he had been playing in a league like Major League Soccer where the training system was not quite up there.

But, Kotscho has asked Dunga to stop saying anything without ‘proper knowledge’. As per Kotscho, right now MLS might not be matching other leagues in the world in other aspects, but, it is definitely not behind them in the physical aspect. The players train relentlessly as the Football played in the league is high-intensity.

Kotscho was quoted as, “It seems Dunga has not watched too much of MLS and his views are preconceived because MLS demands high level of fitness and the way the sides train in this competition is an example for the sides all over the world. It's not as though we are letting all of our players stay at home all day, and then expect them to play a full 0 mintes at the weekend - this is a full time job!"

“I admit we still don’t stand in level terms with the top tier competitions of other countries, but, it’s not because of any kind of drawback in our training system. That aspect is fine.”

“Kaka was not the only man unfit in his squad that week, there were four more players if I am not wrong and they had come from different leagues. So, that makes his comment totally illogical. I am actually saddened about it. It is not expected from an international coach. You have no right to assume something and make a comment when you don’t have proper knowledge about it.”