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Samir Nasri reckons Manchester City will fail in their Premier League title defence if they keep committing faults like they did the other day in the home game versus Hull City.

The Sky Blues could only draw that game and as a result of that, Chelsea managed to stretch their lead to 7 points at the top of the table. Manchester City have overcome leads before, but, Nasri knows it doesn’t happen in every season.

According to Nasri, if you are competing with a club like Liverpool, you know they are going to lose points somewhere down the line and you would get the opportunity to be back in the race, but, with Chelsea, it’s different - they’re such a strong unit and they always play with a lot of purpose.

It’s important that City gets close to them in terms of points sooner rather than later as time is starting to run out fast, and the latest Paddy Power football betting makes Chelsea firm, firm favourites at the moment.

Speaking to the press at the end of the Hull encounter, Nasri said, “We can’t allow the situation to go out of our hands. We must keep in mind that this time around, we are not up against Liverpool who, with all due respect, can loosen their grip and give you a sniff. Chelsea would not let that happen. They need to be caught soon; otherwise, they would just run away with the title.”

“In the recent times, we have seen that things can change quickly in the death, but, for that to happen, we’ve got to keep ourselves in the race. We can’t be making as any mistakes as today and that too while playing at home.”

Manchester City’s next game is against Newcastle United on 21st of this month.