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Arsenal are not in need of an overhaul according to manager Arsene Wenger, who says that this season has brought out a lot of positives. Arsenal could still in the season on a major positive note by winning the FA Cup.

This would help them get the monkey of the back that has been troubling them for several years. The club has not won a major trophy since 2005. For large parts of the season, Arsenal are the table leaders. Going into the 2014, they were leading the table with a five-point advantage.

Even though they are set to finish the season once again fighting for a top four place, Wenger says that the squad does not need major overhauling in the summer. Arsenal have already been linked with a couple of names in the last few weeks. Borussia Dortmund midfielder Bender appears to be a major transfer target for the club, while they will also be looking to invest in a new striker. Olivier Giroud did extremely well in the first half of the season, but lack of rest proved to be his undoing in the second half.

Wenger said ahead of the weekend’s match with Norwich that scoring goals is an area that the club will be looking to improve next year.

"It depends what you call massive. Seven points [to leaders Manchester City] is nothing, it's two games. If you look at it, every team at the top four is frustrated. You think we could have got this point here, this point there, we would win the league. You look at Chelsea and Liverpool, they could say the same. We have to continue to develop as a team. We have bridged a gap [from last season] and we want to be better next season,” said the manager.