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Thierry Henry advises Wenger to sign N’Golo Kante from Leicester City

As each season goes by, Arsenal always seems to manage snatching a top 4 spot in the Premier League but are just not able to actually push through and make that final charge for the 1rst place of the English league and this current season is no different as Arsenal has sealed 64 points from the opening 35 league games that have been played so far. Leicester City is well on their way of making history as they are only a few points away from becoming the new champions of England.

Even though winning the Premier League title in this season is far-fetched for Arsenal, the former star of the club Thierry Henry does believe that Arsene Wenger and his squad have hope for the future but they should keep an open eye for the approaching summer transfer window as there are a few players that can be signed and significantly reinforce the squad.

Thierry Henry is urging Arsene Wenger to make some transfer moves in the summer as this can make a huge difference for Arsenal in their journey of trying to clinch the Premier League title for the upcoming seasons.

One of the players that Thierry Henry believes that Wenger should sign in the summer is N'Golo Kante from Leicester City. N’Golo Kante is a 25 year old French midfielder that has played in almost all the league matches for Leicester City and his performances have impressed Thierry Henry so much that he thinks Wenger should sign him.

"It looks like Arsenal can and should finish in the top four, but there is something to look forward to, and that's next season. If Alexis Sanchez can perform the way he's performing at the minute, and we have Mesut Ozil carrying on giving the assists he's been giving since the start of the season, then you can think if you have that striker who can score in that moment maybe N'Golo Kante as well, we have lots of names we can throw around.’’

N’Golo Kante has a release clause of £20m which might be a pretty hefty fee for a player that has only been performing in the Premier League for 1 season but Henry is certain that N’Golo Kante can be a huge upgrade for Arsenal.