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Former Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has hailed Tottenham for their “brilliant” display when they rode home to beat Manchester City 2-0 On Sunday.

City, who are currently at the top of the league table and the title favorites were roundly beaten by a Mauricio Pochettino’s side on Sunday at White Hart Lane. This convincing win was strong enough to send home a message.

Thierry Henry Says the Form of Sanchez Crucial in Arsenal’s Title Challenge

Arsenal icon Thierry Henry believes that the club can win the Premier League title this season only if winger Alexis Sanchez is on his top form.

Arsenal have once again made a strong start to the league campaign which has led to talk of a potential title challenge. Over the past decade, there have been several false challenges from the gunners. This time around, they could be a serious proposition given the strength in depth that they have throughout the pitch. Olivier Giroud and Robin Van Persie have been the major source of course goals for the club over the last decade.


Diogo Kotscho, one of the spokesmen of Orlando City SC, has hit back at the previous Selecao manager Dunga who had blamed the soft training regime of the MLS sides for the fragility of their players.

Dunga picked Kaka, who is an MLS player, twice for Selecao duty, but, both times the veteran broke down within a couple of days in his camp and Dunga said the reason was that he had been playing in a league like Major League Soccer where the training system was not quite up there.

Thierry Henry is already making an impact with Belgium

It’s been around 1 month since Thierry Henry was appointed as the 2nd assistant manager of the Belgium national football team and even though it has not been a significantly long period of time since Henry has taken over in this new role, his impact is already being felt as RomeloLukaku has revealed details concerning Henry and what the Frenchman has done.

‘’He is really with us and not at all distant. Sometimes he comes to drink a cup of tea or play Playstation with us. With Benteke and Hazard, he took us aside. He corrected my way of escaping a marker.’’


Former Arsenal player Thierry Henry says he is happy that his national rejoined the Premier League to play for the Red Devils.

French international Paul Pogba made the move to Old Trafford, amidst calls that the transfer price of £89 million was too much for the player. Henry, who rejected an opportunity to coach the youth team of Arsenal FC to retain his job at Sky Sports, said he was happy about the move but hopes that coach Jose Mourinho would use him in attacking position in his squad.


Arsenal legend Thierry Henry still dreams of managing his former club despite turning down a role to try out with the Under 18 team.

The Frenchman returned to continue his television career with Sky Sports. Sportsmail analyst Charles Sale earlier revealed how long time coach of Arsenal Arsene Wenger asked the former star player to leave his job with the Sport News outfit and fully commit to Arsenal or leave.

Thierry Henry receives £4 million a year in his current deal with Sky Sports and turned down the opportunity to manage the Under 18 side as assistant manager for free while he completes his Pro License with the club. The ultimatum from his fellow national forced the retired player to leave the club to continue his Punditry role with Sky Sports having also worked for the BBC at the recently concluded Euro 2016 tournament in France.

Thierry Henry voices his support towards Belgium’s Eden Hazard

There was a point in time when Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was the most coveted young player in the Premier League and Europe but things has fallen apart for the Belgium attacker as he has been struggling for the 25 year old player after only being able to score 4 goals during the 2015-16 season of the Premier League.

4 goals in 1 season is extremely disappointing for a player who previously had score 14 goals during successive seasons and his performances all together have recently been very underwhelming.


Arsenal legend and current youth team coach; Thierry Henry aired his views on a Premier League 15/16 Season Review show on the coming of Bayern Munich boss, Pep Guardiola.

The famed English Premier League centre forward added that he believes the former Barcelona coach will get the best out of the Manchester City squad.

Thierry Henry still looking for more Options

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry remains unsure whether the signing of a top-class centre forward like Robert Lewandowski will improve things at Arsenal.

The club have once again finished the season without any major trophies and seem to be content with just competing for the top four places. Even though fans have expressed their displeasure, manager Arsene Wenger has been standing by his team throughout the storm. Critics have been calling for Wenger to spend money on some big-name players. Failure to bring in any significant additions in January is seen as the reason behind Arsenal’s poor form in 2016.


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