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Thierry Henry is already making an impact with Belgium

It’s been around 1 month since Thierry Henry was appointed as the 2nd assistant manager of the Belgium national football team and even though it has not been a significantly long period of time since Henry has taken over in this new role, his impact is already being felt as RomeloLukaku has revealed details concerning Henry and what the Frenchman has done.

‘’He is really with us and not at all distant. Sometimes he comes to drink a cup of tea or play Playstation with us. With Benteke and Hazard, he took us aside. He corrected my way of escaping a marker.’’

"We spent a long time in front of the screen and he pointed out our mistakes and told us how to do it. We listened really carefully. It took about two hours but it was great."RomeluLukaku said as he stated that Thierry Henry even plays PlayStation with the squad and it has actually made a difference with the national side.

Using videogames to help out players as a method for training is a fairly unconventional route but it seems that it has been working out as RomeluLukaku appears to be happy with what Thierry Henry is doing with the Belgium national football team and Lukaku even said that the contributions made by the Arsenal icon has helped out the offensive players of Belgium.

Ever since Thierry Henry retired from playing competitive football back on December of 2014, the Frenchman has voiced his desire to become a manager and possibly even take charge of Arsenal, he is now working towards earning his coaching badges.

This is the start of a new chapter in Thierry Henry’s life as he is embarking on something which he has never done before but the Frenchman seems to have kicked off on a positive note.