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Former Arsenal player Thierry Henry says he is happy that his national rejoined the Premier League to play for the Red Devils.

French international Paul Pogba made the move to Old Trafford, amidst calls that the transfer price of £89 million was too much for the player. Henry, who rejected an opportunity to coach the youth team of Arsenal FC to retain his job at Sky Sports, said he was happy about the move but hopes that coach Jose Mourinho would use him in attacking position in his squad.

The player completed the move from Juventus to Manchester United, being the fourth person Mourinho has brought into the team this summer in a bid to transform the team and set them back on a winning path. Henry told Sky Sports News: “"I'm just waiting to see what he will do and how he will play. The way I would like to see him play is in a more advanced position, I think in the Euros he played for France in a deeper role.

“As long as the ball is in front of him he can deal with it but as soon you have runs behind him he tends to forget to defend. When he plays in a higher position he can be more efficient, he has tonnes of skills, he can score goals.”

Henry added that he wanted him to play not as a midfielder but in the forward position. The Frenchman also backed the huge transfer fee involved. He said that was the price to pay if the likes of Pogba were to make such a move. He added that the price could be high compared to the past but backed the deal nonetheless.

Jamie Redknapp feels the signing is worth it as that was what was required to attract the best players, considering that the league already had the best managers.