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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry still dreams of managing his former club despite turning down a role to try out with the Under 18 team.

The Frenchman returned to continue his television career with Sky Sports. Sportsmail analyst Charles Sale earlier revealed how long time coach of Arsenal Arsene Wenger asked the former star player to leave his job with the Sport News outfit and fully commit to Arsenal or leave.

Thierry Henry receives £4 million a year in his current deal with Sky Sports and turned down the opportunity to manage the Under 18 side as assistant manager for free while he completes his Pro License with the club. The ultimatum from his fellow national forced the retired player to leave the club to continue his Punditry role with Sky Sports having also worked for the BBC at the recently concluded Euro 2016 tournament in France.

The player is set to continue work on his coaching badge elsewhere but when asked about his future plans, Henry said he was still keen on being the main one at the helm of affairs at the club. “I would be lying of if I said it wasn’t a wish that I have because I love Arsenal. The game is my passion and always will be. I would like to manage but I am far from it. Although I am able to manage any team now I would still like to pass my Pro License that I’m working on to give me a better all-round knowledge. I am in the process of doing that.”

Wenger is understood to be against the ex player working for the club but still criticising the players when he is with the sports news outfit. He said he respected the decision and would complete his hours elsewhere as it wasn’t an issue. His role as under 18 boss is filled by another former Gunner Tony Adams.