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Thierry Henry voices his support towards Belgium’s Eden Hazard

There was a point in time when Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was the most coveted young player in the Premier League and Europe but things has fallen apart for the Belgium attacker as he has been struggling for the 25 year old player after only being able to score 4 goals during the 2015-16 season of the Premier League.

4 goals in 1 season is extremely disappointing for a player who previously had score 14 goals during successive seasons and his performances all together have recently been very underwhelming.

Even when playing against Italy in the opening match of Belgium for the 2016 Euro’s, Eden Hazard was once again mediocre but despite all of the recent struggles from Eden Hazard, he still has a lot of fans and supporters that believe in him and one of them is Thierry Henry.

According to the iconic Frenchman, Henry stated that Eden Hazard reminds him of the old days when he used to perform with Arsenal.

‘’He reminds me when I was young. When I used to play a video game I used to give the ball to the best player and just let him run. It’s just crazy what he can do, I think that goal against Tottenham gave him a massive boost to do what he’s doing at the moment with Belgium in the game before the Euros.” Former star of Arsenal, Thierry Henry said.

Thierry Henry is currently working as a pundit for the 2016 Euro’s as he gives analysis, commentary and his own thoughts concerning certain matches or players and Eden Hazard is one of those players who stands out for Henry and the Frenchman is certain that Hazard will be able to bounce back from his recent drop of form.