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Arsenal just isn’t attracting top players anymore according to Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry is one of the most well-known and highly-rated figures in the world of football and the vast majority of his notoriety arrived back when he was performing for Arsenal as it was with the English Premier League club that Henry managed to make a name for himself by becoming the all-time leading goal-scorer of Arsenal with 228 goals in all competitions and helping them in winning various major pieces of silverware.

The French retiree Thierry Henry was part of Arsenal’s invincible squad during the season of 2003-04 which ran past everyone else in the Premier League as they did not lose a single league match during that season.

Arsenal Legend Admits Fear over Tottenham’s Progress

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has admitted that he is fearful of Tottenham finally ending the disappointing run against Arsenal by finishing up to the gunners this season.

Spurs have not finished above Arsenal since the 1995 season. However, they have steadily made progress under the regime of Mauricio Pochettino to the extent where they are now considered as title contenders. Henry says that the club cannot be in a better position in every aspect.

Thierry Henry comes out to defend Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger and many players of Arsenal have traditionally been critiqued, one of the main reasons of why they are the targets of criticism is due to the fact that Arsenal has not managed to win any major piece of silverware in over 10 years.

For the past few years, Arsene Wenger has been able to push Arsenal to the top 4 spots of the Premier League which is an impressive feat just by itself but there are supporters of the club that want to see the English team going further.

Arsenal is not good enough

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes that the current Arsenal team is not good enough to challenge for the title.

He said that the team had a fantastic opportunity to cut Chelsea’s lead on Saturday and they only managed to come out of the game with a defeat.

Henry on Xhaka

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has stated that he cannot understand why Granit Xhaka is not starting more games.

He said that the player was brought in to strengthen the team and so far he has stayed on the bench.


Former Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has hailed Tottenham for their “brilliant” display when they rode home to beat Manchester City 2-0 On Sunday.

City, who are currently at the top of the league table and the title favorites were roundly beaten by a Mauricio Pochettino’s side on Sunday at White Hart Lane. This convincing win was strong enough to send home a message.

Thierry Henry Says the Form of Sanchez Crucial in Arsenal’s Title Challenge

Arsenal icon Thierry Henry believes that the club can win the Premier League title this season only if winger Alexis Sanchez is on his top form.

Arsenal have once again made a strong start to the league campaign which has led to talk of a potential title challenge. Over the past decade, there have been several false challenges from the gunners. This time around, they could be a serious proposition given the strength in depth that they have throughout the pitch. Olivier Giroud and Robin Van Persie have been the major source of course goals for the club over the last decade.


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